NST-Medium plasma cleaner with vacuum pump

Medium plasma cleaner has a 6″ Dia×6.5″Length quartz chamber. It is designed to clean and remove nano-scale organic contamination on the substrate or wafer up to 4″ using air, oxygen, or argon plasma.The rate of organic removal is about 20 nm/min Maximum at high RF power.




Medium plasma cleaner is an excellent tool to pre-clean single crystal substrate before epitaxial film deposition to achieve the better quality.

Medium plasma cleaner main features:

1. Through the buttons and switches of the control panel, the RF power, vacuum pump opening and closing and cleaning time can be controlled.

2. Information such as time, power, and vacuum are displayed on a set of 4-digit digital tubes.

3. with a three-way valve, can accurately control the intake air flow, as well as a large airflow cleaning cavity, the air inlet interface is a 6mm ferrule interface.

4. Select high-power RF power equipment for plasma etching and plasma ashing experiments.

Medium plasma cleaner specifications:

Input Power
  • AC 220V, 50/60 Hz
  • RF Power: 30 W Max.
  • Vacuum Pump:  < 500W
  • Total Power: < 600W
RF Power
  • RF power (High voltage & high-frequency current applied on the coil) is adjustable at three levels: Low Setting 7.2W; Medium Setting 10.2W; High Setting 30W
  • RF frequency: 3 MHz
Control Panel Control Function: Clean time, RF Power, Vacuum Pump.
Plasma Chamber
  • 6″ diameter×6.5″ length quartz chamber
  • 3 Liter Capacity
  • Hinged type door with viewing window for easy sample loading and observing
Vacuum Pump
  • One Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (156 L/m ) with Exhaust filter and vacuum pipe are included for the equipment
  • Both 110V or 220V are available, please specify when purchase.
Inert Gas
  • Many inert gases can be chosen for plasma cleaning such as N2, Ar, Air, and Mixed gas depended on what kind material will be treated.
  • No flammable gas shall be used for the plasma cleaner
Dimensions 400mm   L ×300mm W ×300mm H

16″×12″ ×12″ (inch)

Net weight 30lbs
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support ( no warranty for Pyrex glass chamber )
Application Note Positive Pressure may damage Plasma Quartz Chamber.

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