NST Plasma Cleaner / Etcher with Vacuum Pump

NST plasma cleaner is a plasma cleaner or etching unit with 8.5 “Dia×14″Length quartz chamber and 0 – 80W variable RF power. It is designed to clean and remove nano-scale organic contamination on the substrate or wafer up to 8” using air, oxygen, or argon plasma.The rate of organic removal is about 20 nm/min Maximum at high RF power.




NST plasma cleaner is an excellent tool to pre-clean single crystal substrate before epitaxial film deposition to achieve the better quality.This machine mainly removes the oxide layer and contaminants on the substrate by plasma of air, oxygen or argon gas, and also changes the surface properties of the object (such as hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity),It is an ideal equipment for substrate cleaning and film processing. Pretreatment of single crystal epitaxial films before their growth will have a significant effect on the growth.

NST plasma cleaner specifications:

Input Power
  • AC 220V , 50/60 Hz,
  • NST Power: 80 W Max. ( standard )
  • Vacuum Pump: normal 550W, start 750W
  • Total Power: 830W max.
  • Working current≤3A
NST Power
  • NST power is adjustable within 0 – 80W
  • NST frequency: 13,56 MH
  • Optional:  300 W RF power supply is  available upon request at extra cost
Plasma Chamber
  • 8.5″ O.D×8.2″ I.D×14″ L  high purity quartz chamber
  • Volume: 12 L
  • Hinged type front flange made of aluminum
  • 2.3″ Dia. ( 60mm) quartz window for easy observation
  • Totally RF radiation shield with zero RF leaking
Control Panel
  • 6″ color touch screen to control all parameters automatically for plasma cleaning, such as vacuum level, gas flow rate, RF power level, and cleaning time.
  • Built in one channel Mass flow meter ( 0 – 500ml/minute)  to control gas flow within +/- 0.5 ml/m
Vacuum Pump and Valve
  • 240 L/m Heavy Duty Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with Exhaust Filter, KF25D Adaptor and Clamp are included for immediate use
  • Ultimate total pressure of 50 mTorr
Inert Gas
  • Many inert gases can be chosen for plasma cleaning such as N2, Ar, Air and mixed gas depended on what kind material will be treated. ( not included in the package)
  • No flammable gas shall be used for the plasma cleaner
Overall Dimensions
  • 620 L×600 W×600 H, mm
  • 24″ × 23.5″ × 23.5″ ( inch )
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support ( no warranty   for Pyrex glass chamber )

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