About Us

Nano Science and Technology Company Equipment Manufacturers.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as “Nano Science & Technology Company”.

‘NST’ is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of RF& DC Sputtering Systems, Thermal Evaporation Systems, Plasma Cleaning Systems; Automatic Film coater with Doctor’s Blade; Planetary Ball Mills, Turbo/Diffusion Pumping Systems and Accessories and a leading marketing company in the field of Semiconductors, MEMS & Nanotechnology.

We incorporate Education and Research & Development areas as well as a wide range of Pharmaceutical, Chemical Process, Glass Coating, LEDs, Solar Cells, Transformers, Flat Panel Displays and Food & Beverage Packaging Industries. We are offering equipment, components and materials.

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Mr. Peeyush Dixit: +91 99588 22058, +91 99581 43524

Mail to: [email protected][email protected]