Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump – NST Series

NST series dry scroll vacuum pump is constructed with fixed scrolls, orbiting scroll, main shaft, cooling fans, crank shaft kits, and bracket.

Its’ operating principle is based on two spiral cylinders, one offset and orbiting against the other with an offset of 180°. Thus several crescent-shaped pockets of differing sizes are created. By means of an eccentric drive, the orbiting scroll is made to orbit about the fixed scroll, reducing the volume of the pockets and compressing gases from the outside towards the inside thereby pumping the gases from vacuum chamber.




Wide range of pumping speed, from 1L/S to 16L/S
Ultimate pressure upto 1Pa
Suitable for any type of power supply around the world,110/220/380/460, 50/60HZ
No oil back-diffusion or exhaust
Can be repeatedly continuous operated between atmospheric and vacuum.
Low vibration, low noise and high efficiency
Ease of maintenance, small volume, light weight


• Freeze drying/gel drying
• Distillation/purification/filtration
• Lithium ion battery process
• Hydrogen fuel cell process
• Capacitor exhaust
• Oil vapor recovering
• Cryopump regeneration
• Coating, PVD/CVD/PLD
• LED/LCD/Laser tube
• Vacuum oven • E-beam/ Laser melting
• Glove box
• Load lock/ transfer chambers
• Leak detection
• Special gas recovery/recirculation
• Molecular pump backing
• Space environment animation
• Surface analysis instruments
• Spectroscopy/scanning electron microscopy


This vacuum pump is suitable for clean processes only.
Do not pump toxic, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles. Be sure the inlet gas temperature must be less than 122℉.

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