NST 1400°C Max Controlled Atmosphere Muffle Furnace W/ PC Interface

  • Model Number:TMAX-1400CAtmosphere
  • Dimension(L*W*H):Size can be customized
  • Compliance:CE Certified
  • Warranty:One years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Payment:L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
  • Delivery Time:14 day



NST 1400°C Max Controlled Atmosphere Muffle Furnace w/ PC Interface

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1400 series controlled atmosphere furnaces feature a chamber with Mitsubishi (Japan) high quality alumina fiber insulation and SiC heating elements. A double walled steel internal housing helps minimize heat loss to exterior surface. Furnace operation is controlled by Shimaden (Japan) 40-segment digital controller with built-in RS485 digital communications port and USB adaptor, allowing the user to connect to a PC for remote control and monitoring of the furnace. You can also save or export test results. All our furnaces are CE compliant.

The benefits of an controlled atmosphere furnace

An atmosphere furnace provides the perfect environment for various procedures in many laboratories, providing the controlled temperature and atmosphere specific projects require. The controlled atmosphere is desired to complete tasks that require exact temperatures with no room for error. This is the best way to ensure the successful outcome of your project because it is sealed tightly to ensure the proper environment. 


One of the main components of the atmosphere furnace is the correct mixture of gases. The precise measurement of each gas is essential to the success of your project. You can use a separate chamber to mix the gases, which are then pumped into the furnace chamber where the work will be completed when they are done mixing. It is essential that the separate chamber that holds the gases does not receive any outside air because it could throw off the gas mixture and render your project useless.


Proper temperature control is vital to the success of your project as well. Temperatures that are too high or too low will cause problems with the process and could cost your company a significant amount of money. Across International furnaces come with built-in 28-segment PID digital temperature controller for accurate monitoring and consistency.


*Multiple gas inlets and outlets with stainless steel ball valves. Flow meter to control inbound and outbound gas flows. Outlets can be ignited to burn off gas.

*Furnace chamber is welded and oil leak tested to ensure air tightness. Furnace door is sealed with high temperature silicon gasket.

*Built-in stainless steel water-cooling panel protects door sealing gasket when furnace is under heavy use.

*Microprocessor based self-tuning PID control provides optimum thermal process with minimal overshoot.

*Multiple atmosphere processes in a single cycle are possible (ex: binder burn out in air and parts sintering under rough vacuum or inert gas environment.)

*Built-in ammeter and dual voltmeters for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.

*Built-in computer interface.

*Long life type S thermocouple.


*Overheat protection shuts down the furnace if temperature is outside of acceptable range (refer to controller’s manual) or when the thermocouple is broken or malfunctions.

*Power failure protection resumes furnace operation right after the point of failure when power is reestablished.



 Electrical requirements  208-240V, 50/60Hz, single phase
 Heating element & thermocouple type
 Silicon carbide (SiC, diameter 12-14mm) / S-type
 Min/max/constant temperatures    Ambient/1400°C/1300°C (depends on gas environment)
 Temperature controller  Shimaden fp93 (Japan) with 4 programs and 
40 segments (ie. 4 x 10 segments or 2 x 20 segments) at +/- 1°C
Maximum heating rate: 15°C per minute
 Furnace cavity  Mitsubishi (Japan) high quality 1600 grade polycrystalline alumina fiber
 Gas inlet/outlet  1/4″ hose barb with 1/4″ BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread)
 Working environments  Air, N2, Ar, NO2, CO, CO2, He, Ne, etc. (Hydrogen, up to 5%)
 Positive pressure  Not to exceed 0.02 MPa / 150 torr / 3 psi
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Maximum temperature


 Air  1400°C
 Helium (He), Neon (Ne), Argon (Ar)
 Nitrogen (N2)  1270°C
 Hydrocarbon gas  1250°C
 Hydrogen (H2) up to 5%  1200°C

Size comparison


 Chamber size (DxWxH)  6x6x6″  12x8x8″  16x12x12″
 Usable chamber space (DxWxH)  4x5x5.5″  10x7x7.5″  14x11x11.5″
 Chamber capacity (cu ft)  0.13  0.44  1.33
 Installed heating element  4  8  12
 Maximum output  3 kW  7 kW  13 kW
 Furnace dimensions (WxDxH)  23x28x35″  26x30x40″   31x33x44″
 Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)  28x33x45″  33x34x50″  43x35x55″
 Unit/shipping weight (Lb)  290/400  450/580  590/720


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