NST-Atmospheric plasma surface treatment instrument

Atmospheric plasma surface treatment instrument is a compact Atmospheric Plasma Jet-Flow ( so-called  Plasma Beam, Plasma Pen) system for surface Treatment, which consist of RF generator, flexible gas delivery pipe and plasma beam head. The plasma jet flow can activate and clean material surface rapidly at low temperature without vacuum, such as single crystal wafer, optical component, plastics etc.




Atmospheric plasma surface treatment instrument is an excellent tool for cleaning wafer surface before epitaxial or optical fiber before welding to obtain higher quality. This device also may be used for studying atmosphere pressure CVD.

Atmospheric plasma surface treatment instrument main features:

1.High speed surface treatment with simple and safe operation

2.Neither vacuum  nor chamber required with versatile plasma chemistry

3.Handheld or in-line processing at low cost

4.light weight and compact size

Atmospheric plasma surface treatment instrument specifications:

Input Power Standard   AC 208V – 240V, 50/60 Hz, < 1000W
Output Frequency 20-23 kHz
Plasma Beam head


one plasma beam head is included
round head:10-12mm
Input Gas Pressure and Working Gases •     40 PSI min.

•     Air, N2, Ar, He or any mixed gas ( no flammable and explosive gases)

Plasma working Pressure 7- 10 PSI
Working Environment
  • Temperature: < 42°C
  • Humidity: ≤ 40℃RH
  • No flammable gas
Overall Dimensions 380 (W) ×210 (H) ×500 (D) mm
Net Weight 10 kg
Warranty & Certificate
  • One year limited with lifetime support
  • CE certified
Application Notes
  • This Atmospheric Plasma Jet-Flow system is excellent to clean plastic, polymer and oxide substrate surface before coating
  • This device also may be used for studying atmospheric pressure CVD.

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