NST Process Temperature Induction Melting Furnace

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NST Process Temperature Induction Melting Furnace

The medium frequency induction heating, vacuum induction melting furnace adopts the 50 program temperature control system, PID control, temperature control, furnace adopts imported polycrystalline alumina fiber materials, has quick elevating temperature rate, the advantages of convenient, concise, universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises do ideal high temperature smelting, foundry products..


Software control system (choose) : this furnace is equipped with communication interface and software, can be directly through the furnace computer control of each parameter, and can be observed from the computer PV on the stove and SV temperature and the running situation, the actual temperature of the furnace curve drawing computer real time, and can keep the temperature data of each time, can call up at any time.

Sealing system: the furnace tube and flanges are sealed with silicone o-ring, easy to remove, retractable, good air tightness, and ensure that the pressure gauge of 12 hours is not deflected.


Vacuum system: the furnace is equipped with a vrd-8 vacuum pump, and a molecular pump can be used if a higher vacuum degree is required, and smoke filters and oil pollution filters can be selected.


Furnace material: adopt Japan imported furnace material, not drop powder, material heat preservation performance good, reflectance high, temperature field balance, anti – heat gain cold – shrinkage ability.


Leakage protection function: the furnace is equipped with a leaky air switch to ensure the safety of use when the furnace leaks power.


Gas supply system (optional) : the customer can control the flow rate of the gas through float meter or proton flow meter (please check the selection).


Flange: using double ring sealing technology, the atmosphere of flange is improved effectively, the flange is equipped with various joints, the resistance vacuum gauge, the KF25 corrugated pipe can be made into the hinge type which can be easily removed.


Water cooling system: the reboiler is equipped with a cold water machine, which can provide cooling water for the induction coil effectively. The water cooling system has the function of automatic temperature control and temperature protection.


Induction heating furnace: using IGBT power module and variable flow control technology, easy to operate, easy to maintain, have the water pressure and over temperature protection.

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