Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage and Diamond Wire – 6″ Dia Cutting Capability – NST-603


Available on backorder


Available on backorder


STX-603 is a CE certified precision diamond wire saw is designed to provide smooth cutting or slicing for all kinds of materials, especially for larger size crystals, such as Si, Ge, and GaAs, etc., up to 6″ (155 mm) diameter.  It cuts the crystal by a diamond impregnated wire (0.28 mm diameter) which moves repeatedly backward and forwards with the help of a digital controller. STX-603 is equipped with an adjustable sample holder with three angles.


Power Input AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 350W
Structure Heavy duty Aluminum alloy
Cutting Speed
  • Feed Speed: 0.01 mm/min to 40 mm/min adjustable
  • Back Speed:   1   mm/min to 40 mm/min adjustable
Wire Moving Speed 0 ~3m/S
Controller Digital 6″ color touch screen
Diamond wire Ø 0.35mm x  80m Length
Z and Y Axis Max. Traveling distance 160mm  (±0.01mm accuracy)
Sample Stage Moves in the X-axis and rotate towards two directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise) for precision orientation.
Sample size Max. 160mm x 160mm
Wire Tension System Built in pneumatic valves can easily adjust the tension of cutting wire. (air pump is not included)
Meteorite Sample
  • Please click the picture below to view the meteorite samples that were cut by our wire saws.

              Fig. 1             Fig. 2            Fig. 3                  Fig. 4

  • Swing & Rotation Sample Fixture: Such fixture needs an independent controller for its parameter settings such as swing frequency/ angle (±23°, upto 20 swings/min), rotating speed and rounds (30rpm max.) Higher cutting surface quality can be expected by swinging or rotating the speciman throughout the cutting process. Please click Pic.2 &3 and video to learn more details.   The fixture will enhance cutting speed upto 2 times

Pic.1                    Gif.1                        Pic.2                       Pic.3                      Video

Dimensions Saw: 700mm x 620mm x 1500mm (L x W x H)
Controller: 490mm x 400mm x 170mm (L x W x H)
Shipping Weight & Dimensions 580 lbs; 48″x40″x72″
Warranty Two years limited, not including diamond wire and rusted parts
Certification CE Certified. With additional certification fee, MTI can arrange NRTL to perform UL/CSA inspection and label the machine per customer’s request.
Instruction and Video
Application Notes
  • The flow rate of coolant is adjustable by the valve in the blue feeding tubing. Please adjust it properly to improving cutting performance.
  • Please use correct cutting fluid. Don’t use tap water or any other fluid would cause corrosion of machine parts.
  • Must clean the machine after each use.
  • Wire saws applications
  • It is required to use proper cutting fluid with the saw to prevent corrosion of the machine components. We strongly recommend you use oil based coolant or lube cool lubricant with the water. Do not use tap water directly, rusted component is not part of the warranty.
  • Never cut any materials without the use of proper cutting fluid. If you do so, serious damages can be caused to the spooler driving mechanism. 
  • For cutting the sticky materials such as non-ferrous alloy, epoxy, and plastic, you must sharpen diamond wire frequently. We suggest that cutting sample along with the included dressing stone (Glue sample and the dressing stone side by side and cut them together, this process will help keep the wire sharp enough for efficient cutting. 
  • Please clean the machine after the completion of each use.

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