Digital Low Speed Diamond Saw with 6″ Diamond Blade & Complete Accessories – NST-160


SYJ-160 is CE certified low-speed diamond saw. It comes with a digital micrometer, digital speed display as well as complete accessories. It accepts 6-inch cutting blade and will be a suitable tool for cutting, dicing and slicing all kinds of materials especially for brittle crystals, ceramics, and TEM samples. The latest version of SYJ-160 is with Protective Plexiglass shield.


  • 110V or 220V AC switchable for worldwide use
  • High torque 110VDC motor (70W Max.)
Speed range 0-600 rpm with digital display.
Position Thickness & accuracy
  • Cutting thickness is controlled by digital micrometer with accuracy of 0.003mm
  • The LCD micrometer is waterproof with a resolution of 0.001 mm and accuracy of +/-0.003 mm.
  • Thinnest cutting thickness is 0.35mm for most materials
Cutting Width The cutting width of the slice is controllable from 1mm ~ 24mm by adjusting the LCD digital micrometer.

Sample holder

Two angle adjustable sample holder is included, please click picture below for the details