NST 60T compact cold isostatic pressing(CIP) electric hyraulic press NST-PCD-60J

NST-PCD-60J is an excellent tool to prepare high-density compound pellet and small diameter rod in laboratory.It is designed with O.D50*150 isostatic stainless steel chamber which use for Scientific research, teaching, testing, pharmaceutical, catalysis, chemical industry, etc. It has a compact structure will all in one structure to protective from.



Model No. NST-60J
Pressure gauge 0~60T (0~34MPa)
Piston diameter Φ150mm
Main structure All in one structure, no oil link point
Pressure gauge Digital gauge 0.0~40.0MPa
Max piston distance 50mm
Way of pressure Electric/Manual
Supplement pressure Automatic/Manual
Isostatic pressing chamber 0~300MPa
Chamber dimension Φ50*150mm
Outer dimension 405*470*720mm
Power supply AC220V, 50/60Hz
Gross weight 200kg

Pressure conversion

Real Pressure System Pressure Chamber Pressure
5T 2.83MPa 25MPa
10T 5.66MPa 50MPa
15T 8.49MPa 75MPa
20T 11.3MPa 100MPa
25T 14.1MPa 125MPa
30T 16.9MPa 150MPa
40T 22.6MPa 200MPa
50T 28.3MPa 250MPa
60T 34.0MPa 300MPa

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