NST-Compact UV-Ozone Cleaner

Compact UV-Ozone Cleaner is a compact Ultraviolet (UV) Ozone cleaner, which is used for cleaning all types crystal substrates to achieve better thin film quality at low cost. Also, it is an excellent tool to remove and strip photoresist, improve surface wettability, Clean SEM & TEM samples, UV polymer activation, assembly etc.




Compact UV-Ozone Cleaner proven to be highly effective for non-acidic, dry, non-destructive atomic cleaning and removal of organic contaminants using intense 185 nm and 254 nm UV light. Under air and room temperature, the 185 line produces Ozone and while the 254 line excites organic molecules on the surface. This combination drives the rapid destruction and decimation of organic contaminants.

Compact UV-Ozone Cleaner specifications:

Input Power AC 110V or AC 208~240V( you can choose as you needed)
UV Lamp
  • Solid metal double wave mercury lamp
  • UV lamp power: 55W Max.
  • Wave length: 254 nm and 185 nm
  • UV Lamp service life: 2500 hrs
  • UV light area: 100×100 mm ( 4″×4″)
  • Peak UV intensities: 4.6 milliwatts/cm2.
Chamber & Sample Stage
  • Overall Dimensions:   9 1⁄2” ×7 7/8” ×6”
  • Drawer Dimensions:133mm×133mm×25mm
  • Distance from drawer to lamp: 27mm
  • Distance from pedestal to lamp: 8mm
  • Borosilicate Glass Pedestal:  4”×4”×3⁄4”
  • 18 Gauge Steel Chassis and Cover, Powder Coated Finish
  • Total Weight: 9 lbs.
Compliance CE certified
Warranty One-year limited warranty with lifetime support ( no warranty   for Pyrex glass chamber )
  • Indoor Use Only; Altitude Use Up To 5,562 Feet;
  • Temperature Range 41-104 Degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Maximum Relative Humidity 80%, Up To 87 Degrees Fahrenheit Decreasing Linearly to 50% Relative Humidity At 104 Degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Main Power Supply Fluctuations Not To Exceed 10% Of The Nominal Voltage; Overvoltage Category II;
  • Pollution Degree 2; ozone level (ambient) measurement at <45 ppb.
  • Cleaning molecular contamination from SPTs, AFM tips, and surfaces
  • Curing UV-adhesives
  • UV-photopatterning of SAM surfaces
  • Oxidizing PDMS
  • Surface sterilization
  • Etch, pattern, sharpen
  • Clean MEMS devices
  • Clean substrate surfaces such as Si, Ge, GaAs and all oxide crystal  substrate

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