NST High Temperature Up To 1600C Microwave Muffle Furnace

  • Model Number:TMAX-Microwave1600
  • Compliance:CE Certified
  • Warranty:Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Payment:L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
  • Delivery Time:20 day



NST High Temperature Up To 1600C Microwave Muffle Furnace

1. Microwave heating.

2. Temperature up to 1600 degree.

3. Heating speed up to 50 degree per minute.

4. No pollution to material.



HAMiLab-M1500 is our 3rd generation high temperature microwave laboratory system. HAMiLab-M1500 is a sophisticated upgrade to traditional muffle furnaces, with the high level of accuracy, control, and speed that are customary in Synotherm systems. Drying, binder burn-out, synthesis and sintering of powder and solid materials, metals, and glass can be completed in this system in a 3-4 hour period. HAMiLab-M1500 was designed to increase the productivity of solid state laboratories from one set of samples to 3-4 sets of samples per day, without having to continuously run the system during periods of inactivity.


Application field:

– Claiming / synthesis of powder or particle materials:

– Electronic ceramic powders: barium titanate, barium-strontium titanate, strontium titanate, barium zirconate titanate;

– Lithium ion battery anode materials: lithium cobaltoxide, lithium manganate;

– Various colorants, glaze material, inorganic pastel;

– Alumina, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, manganese dioxide, manganous-manganicoxide, zirconia, ammonium metavanadate, vanadium pentoxide, titanium dioxide, zinc carbonate, manganese carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, lithium cobaltoxide, zinc ferrite, Tri-chromatic rare earth fluorescent powder (Red), cement.


Synthesis / sintering of devices:

– Electronic ceramics: Piezoresistive element, thermistor, piezoceramics, microwave medium ceramics;

– Magnetic materials: hard magnetic, Ni-Zn, gyromagnet ferrites;

– Honeycomb ceramics, daily-use ceramics and glass ware;

– Oxide ceramics and refractory materials: alumina, zirconia, magnesium oxide and other oxide composites;

– Incineration, cremation, scaling loss experiments

Technical specification
Model TMAX-Microwave1600
Voltage AC 220 plus/minus 10V; 50Hz/60Hz,
Rating power 4.0KW
Microwave output power 0.2-1.40KW continuously variable
Microwave frequency 2.45GHz plus/minus 25MHz
Max. sintering temperature 1600 Celsius degree
Temperature measuring way IR thermometer
Temperature range 250 Celsius degree -1650celsius degree.
Temperature accuracy plus/minus 0.5%
Atmosphere system air
Max loading space 100x100x40mm (LxWxH)
Cooling Water, 0.8 – 1m3/h at pressure > 0.15MPa
Cycle cooling water total hardness less than 60mg/L
Protection and Safety Anode over voltage, anode over current, anode power surpass, electromagnet watchdog, magnetron temperature, external interlock.
Control System PLC (18 sections of temperature control), embedded system connected to laptop via USB, with data storage and printing functions.
Microwave Leakage < 1mW/cm2 (Safety standard < 5mW/cm2)
System outside dimension 750x750x660mm (LxWxH)

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