NST Vacuum Melting Furnace (Molecular Pump) (1 ~ 5KG)

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NST Vacuum Melting Furnace (Molecular Pump) (1 ~ 5KG)

  •  A. equipment characteristics
  1. Using the horizontal furnace, the side door is open, the material is convenient, the furnace is compact, and the space is small
  2. 50 program control temperature can control temperature and temperature, and can control heating rate and constant temperature.
  3. It is convenient to change different coils to meet the materials of different KG
  4. The installation of the observation hole can clear the situation of the crucible material in the furnace
  5. The temperature of the liquid in the crucible can be measured with an infrared thermometer
  6. Equipped with molecular pump, vacuum degree can reach 8×10-4 Pa

The electrodes and the crucible can be rotated manually outside the furnace, and the liquid can complete the dumping and pouring in the cavity, thus avoiding the danger of pouring and pouring it in a vacuum.

  1. Secondary feeding system.
  2. The rotation electrode and furnace are used by Wilson seal, good sealing performance and easy rotation.
  3. Installation of water cooling machine, water cooling machine with under pressure and broken water alarm, safe and reliable.
  4. IGBT power supply, with temperature, water protection and alarm, output current display and other functions.

12, widely used in colleges and universities and scientific research units under the condition of vacuum or protective atmosphere of metal materials (such as stainless steel, nickel base alloy, copper, alloy steel, nickel and cobalt alloys, rare earth neodymium iron) melting processing and preparation, also can undertake alloy steel vacuum refining processing and precision casting.

  1. Structure description

This product by the furnace cover, furnace, slewing mechanism, smelting casting system, pneumatic system and atmosphere control system, vacuum system, IGBT power supply and control system, water cooling system, the workbench, and other components of the electric control system, furnace, atmosphere control system, melting casting system and electric control system and cooling system components are installed on the equipment platform, make the whole equipment as a whole, the furnace frame, the installation has a horizontal adjustment wheel, not only can drag of freedom, and have adjust the function of the level.

  1. Furnace: for all 304 stainless steel structure, argon arc welding.

Using double water-cooled furnace shell structure, which can guarantee the temperature of the bof shell does not exceed 40 ℃.

The cover of the furnace is open to the door, the furnace cover is opened by hand, and a locking device is added. The cover of the furnace is provided with a view hole to make it easy to observe the situation in the furnace.

In the furnace, the inlet and outlet of the inlet and outlet of the connected furnace and the inlet and outlet of the inner pouring device are installed.

  1. Furnace rack: welded into the frame structure of steel plate, the furnace body is installed on the rack.

3, slewing mechanism, and the furnace with the flange connection, the induction coil by brass around into a spiral from the furnace body, lead to the copper electrode and sealing furnace using Wilson, reliable sealing, and can realize the rotation function.

  1. Secondary feeding device: the upper part of the furnace is equipped with a secondary feeding device, which can be used to add other elements during the smelting process.

5, temperature control system, temperature control system is a temperature measuring system, temperature control instrument, on the furnace body is equipped with infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer are the output of 1-5 v signal is converted to a temperature signal by temperature control meter, temperature control table can control the output control of induction furnace control signal, so to form a closed loop, the temperature of the furnace can be programmed control, can be 30 program temperature control, accurate temperature control precision, the heating rate is adjustable, and constant temperature, can facilitate the control of casting temperature control.

VIF vacuum induction melting furnace Model TMAX-VIF-1 TMAX-VIF-2 TMAX-VIF-5
Maximum melting weight (calculated by iron liquid) 1KG 2KG 5KG
Maximum heating temperature 1900℃ 1900℃ 1900℃
heating electric power Power supply high frequency induction power supply high frequency induction power supply medium frequency power supply
oscillation frequency 30-80KHZ 30-80KHZ 1-20KHZ
Max Input Power 15KW 25KW 38KW
heating current 200~1000A 2-50A 10-75A
Cooling water requirement ≥0.2MPa 2~5L/分 ≥0.2MPa ≥6L/分 ≥0.2MPa ≥4L/分
power weight 30KG 55KG 80KG
duty cycle 80% 100% 100%
Input voltage 110-380V   50/60HZ
Heating Method induction heating
Temperature Stabilizing PID
Cavity vacuum (diffusion pump unit) < 8X10 -4Pa
Air pressure of the cavity < 0.5MPa
rate of pressure rise <4Pa/hr
Broken even protection and display Yes
Over-temperature protection Yes
Over-current protection Yes
 Undervoltage protection (water pressure) Yes
Control precision +/-  1~ 5 ℃(>600 ℃)
Temperature detection mode B type thermocouple or infrared thermometer
Max. Heating Rate 100℃/Min
Crucible dump rotation Angle 0-90 °
Viewing window size Dia 90mm
Cold water machine (optional) CW-6200
Vacuum Unit input voltage 380V /220V
Bellow KF40X1000
Vacuum baffle valve KF40
molecular pump  Molecular pump model FJ620
input voltage 220V
Molecular pump inlet flange DN160
Molecular pump pumping rate L/S (for air) 600
Molecular pump limit pressure(Pa) 6×10-7
Cooling mode Water cooling
ooling water pressure(MPa)  0.1-0.2
cooling water temperature <25℃< p=””>

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