Precision Diamond Wire Saw With Swing Rotary Sample Fixture and Microscope Monitor – NST-202P


Available on backorder


Available on backorder


STX-202P is a CE certified, small precision diamond wire saw for cutting sample ≤ 2″ diameter or square up to 50mm thick. It is designed to provide low stress cut for various materials such as the fragile crystals and TEM or IC samples. It is a premium version upgraded from STX-202A since Mar 2017 with additional add-ons including:

– Through-Microscope viewing enables accurate positioning for initializing the first cut
– Swing / Rotary Sample Fixture promotes higher efficiency and better cut surface quality
– Pneumatic wire tension control system with digital pressure regulator help maintain a stable wire tension during the cut while provides better adaptability to wires as thin as 0.12mm
– Ultra-thin sectioning up to 0.06 mm for some strong materials

  • Wire Saw Control Consol: Universal 110V or 240VAC  50/60Hz, 200W max.
  • Premium Add-ons (Through-Microscope viewing, Swing/Rotary Fixture, Pneumatic Wire tension control) for precise, efficient and high quality cut
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy structure with compact size
  • single wire swing cutting with adjustable wire length from 5-15mm (broken wire still can be used)
  • Transparent plastic plates are included to prevent Coolant splashing
Through-Microscope Viewing
  • Through-Microscope viewing allows you pick up small details on the sample which is essentially invisible to the eye. Thus, accurate positioning for the cuts is supported.
  • Li-ion battery powered microscope and wireless monitor provides upto 5 hours continues operation.
  • 5 meters max. remote mornitoring.
  • Magnification 10x – 200x

Pic.1                     Pic.2                 Video Clip

Swing / Rotary Sample Fixture
  • Such fixture has an independent controller for its parameter settings such as swing frequency/ angle (±23°, upto 20 swings/min), rotating speed (30rpm max.) Cycles. Higher cutting surface quality can be expected by swinging or rotating the speciman throughout the cutting process. Please click Pic.2 &3 and video clip to learn more details.
  • 110~240VAC to 24VDC power adapter is included.

Pic.1                                Pic.2                             Video Clip

Pneumatic tension system
  • The wire saw features a pneumatic tension system for optimizing the cutting performance and wire adaptability. With such system, the wire saw can handle different cutting wires from 0.12mm – 0.5mm dia. An air compressor is required. Please review pictures in below for detail information.
  • Optional: Digital Pressure regulator 0~130PSI (+/-3% full span accuracy)


Motor Driven Stage
  • Z axis: 50mm,  automatically controlled by digital panel
  • Y axis: 50mm,  automatically controlled by digital panel
  • Two dimension sample stage built in  360° degree horizontal rotating and +/-10° tilting


Cutting parameters
  • Feed Speed: 0.01 mm/min to 40 mm/min adjustable
  • Back Speed: 1  mm/min to 100 mm/min adjustable
  • Spooler spin speed: 1-260 RPM adjustable
  • Cutting depth: 0.1 – 50mm
  • Positional accuracy: +/- 0.01 mm
  • Please click the picture below to see the samples cut by this machine

Meteorite Sample
  • Please click the picture below to view the meteorite samples that were cut by our wire saws.

              Fig. 1             Fig. 2            Fig. 3                  Fig. 4

Controller & Touch Screen
  • Color touch screen controller will set up wire travel speed, cutting speed along Z axis and cutting width along Y axis


Lubricant Refill Cup

  • Features an oil refill cup behind the spooler motor, please apply 10-15 drops Anti-Wear Oil before first-time use.
  • Wire spooler motor, 3 Amps, Torque=1.8Nm

Diamond wire
  • ≤ 15 meters used for each installation
  • One spool of 0.30mm Dia x 20 meter length Diamond Wire is included for immediate use
  • A Diamond Blade Dressing Stone is included for keeping the wire sharp.
  • Optional:
    • For slicing or dicing brittle crystal, you may order 0.22 mm Dia. Diamond Wire. Note: The wire is very easy to break, please reduce feeding rate to the minimum. click the picture below to order spare diamond wires
Wire tension system Steel spring wire tension system with break wire alarm
Water Pump
  • One water pump is included for cooling diamond wire during cutting. (the pump voltage is the same as the saw voltage)
  • You must use anti-corrosive oil or radiator water as coolant ( buy from any auto store )
  • Warning:  must clean the machine after each cutting, especially using tap water as the coolant to prevent rust.


Product dimensions
  • Saw: 414mm(L) × 500mm(W) × 750mm(H)
  • Controller: 340mm(L) x 290mm(W) x 170mm(H) ( Click to enlarge the picture below for detail size )
Crate dimensions 27″(L) x 23″W) x 40″ (H)
Shipping Weight 230 lbs with 48″x40″x44″
Warranty One year limited with lifetime support, not including cutting wire
Certificate CE certified. With additional certification fee, MTI can arrange NRTL to perform UL/CSA inspection and label the machine per customer’s request.
Operation Demo Video           
Application Notes
  • The flow rate of coolant is adjustable by the valve in the blue feeding tubing. Please adjust it properly to improving cutting performance.
  • Please use correct cutting fluid. Don’t use tap water or any other fluid would cause corrosion of machine parts.
  • Must clean the machine after each use.
  • Wire saws applications
  • It is required to use proper cutting fluid with the saw to prevent corrosion of the machine components. We strongly recommend you use oil based coolant or lube cool lubricant with the water. Do not use tap water directly, the rust component is not part of the warranty.
  • Do not over flush the sample stage , it may rust the Z-axis step motor.
  • It is required to apply 10-15 drops Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil (ISO 32) using an oil can(#19)  before first-time use or continuous working for 150 hours.
  • And limited amount of grease (general purpose grease will do) should be added to the motor shaft periodically,
  • Never cut any materials without the use of proper cutting fluid. If you do so, serious damages can be caused by the spooler driving mechanism. 
  • For cutting the sticky materials such as non-ferrous alloy, epoxy, and plastic, you must sharpen diamond wire frequently. We suggest that cutting sample along with the included dressing stone (Glue sample and the dressing stone side by side and cut them together, this process will help keep the wire sharp enough for efficient cutting. 
  • Please clean the machine after the completion of each use.

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