Vacuum Molybdenum Furnace

  • Model Number:NST-Molybdenumfurna
  • Compliance:CE Certified
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NST Vacuum Molybdenum Furnace

· The equipment features and the main purpose

Basic principles and uses In the case of vacuum or atmosphere protection of the material for non-polluting heat treatment equipment can be nitrogen argon hydrogen and other atmosphere sintering.  Mainly used in high temperature atmosphere sintering high temperature vacuum sintering transparent ceramics and other materials sintering.


· The structure of the composition

Furnace body furnace lid bottom vacuum system control system cooling system heating body and insulation screen.


· The structure that

1 the furnace vertical shell its inner and outer are made of 304 stainless steel cylinder the outer mirror polished.  Inside and outside the tube and the front and rear flange welded into a whole the furnace body with electrode holes suction holes vent holes thermocouple holes infrared holes and observation holes the interface materials are stainless steel.

2 the lid from inside and outside the head and flange welding the middle of the water can be cooled the lid open device.

3 the bottom the inside and outside the head and flange composition the middle of the water cooling the lower part of the filling and discharging holes fixed in the lower part of the furnace with electrode extraction device.

6 heating body and insulation screen heating elements made of high purity film effectively increase the radiation area to ensure uniformity of the temperature zone.  The bottom of the insulation screen with a tungsten plate the other using the template and stainless steel plate production.

7 the vacuum system mainly by the direct pump molecular pump or diffusion pump pneumatic baffle valve pneumatic shut-off valve digital composite vacuum gauge vacuum pipe bleed valve bracket and other components; vacuum pipe and pump between  Metal corrugated hose quick connector connection (slow vibration).


· The control system

A computer automatic control system (optional)

Automatic PLC flat panel touch computer control (XP) system you can manually switch automatically.  Features are as follows

1 the control system software is developed by our company man-machine interface operating system picture-friendly simple operation fast running real-time monitoring of the furnace conditions the system is stable and reliable.

2 software color simulation screen display industrial grade Tablet PC fast response anti-interference ability temperature display and vacuum valve control are integrated analog screen operation.

3 the device can adopt the temperature curve power curve vacuum curve water temperature curve air pressure curve and sintering time curve user-friendly analysis based on historical curve sintering process.  Data can automatically generate excel file through the usb interface test.

4 the temperature control method for the following thermocouple 1700  temperature control more than 1700  infrared instrument automatic control high and low temperature automatic conversion.

5 communication interface such as RS232 RS422 CAN LAN USB etc. easy and other equipment networking applications.  Software control interface visualization can dynamically display the workflow convenient and intuitive.

6 the software free upgrade for life.

B standard configuration manual instrument automatic temperature control 1700  below the thermocouple temperature control more than 1700  infrared instrument automatic control high and low temperature automatic conversion.

5 water cooling system the furnace the upper and lower end of the cover with water-cooled structure of the form in and out of the water main pipe installed on the hydraulic relay and pressure gauge while the control cabinet connected to the abnormal state alarm.  Can qualitatively observe the water flow size of each waterway.  The entire water cooling system to ensure.

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