Heavy Duty Abrasive Cut-off Saw with Quick Clamps For Cutting Metallographic Sample upto 2″ OD – NST-50



NST-50  ( original part# NST-QG-50 )  is a CE certified heavy-duty, benchtop, wet abrasive cut-off saw. It is designed for cutting metallographic samples effectively without sacrifice safety. Quick vises are included to allow you easily and quickly tighten samples. The 10″ SiC (or diamond) cutting blade is used for cutting almost all kinds of materials with a maximum sample size of 50 mm O.D. Coolant pipelines are built in to supply coolant directly on the sample to avoid overheating during the cut.



  • 380V, Three Phase, 50Hz, 10 amps  ( 208 – 240V AC three-phase (60Hz) available via a Transformer )
Motor & Spindle
  • 1.5KW AC motor
  • Speed 2800 RPM.
Saw Table & Housing
  • Max. cutting size: 50mm O.D ( or Ø50mm×50mm )
  • The sturdy Stainless Steel operating station can withstand sample weight up to 200Kg
  • The sample is cut through by manually push down the driving arm.
  • The transparent safety cover is included to ensure safe cutting.
  • Coolant system: Cooling water injects on both sides of the blade to ensure max. cooling. Tap water inlet flow is adjustable.
  • Water Cooling Pump is required ( May order at the related product below )
  • Mount Vise: Double T clamp vises are included for quick tightening or release, please click the picture below for details


Cutting Blade & Flange
  • Comes with 2 pcs of 10″ OD x 1.25″ ( I.D) x 2 mm (Thick) SiC cutting blades, as well as a mini-vise which allows you to handle the sample smoothly.
  • Ø20mm×Ø80mm blade flange is included
  • For longer cutting life, please use the Lube-150 ( please click the picture below right to order at extra cost ).

Dimensions               653mm×462mm×443mm
Shipping Weigh
  • 410lbs
Shipping dimension
  • 45″ x 42″ x 35″
Warranty & Compliance
  • One Year Limited Warranty, not including rusted parts due to inadequate storage conditions.
  • CE Certification
Application Notes
  • We strongly recommend our customers to use anti-corrosion coolant during cutting to avoid rusting the lead screw. You may select our LubeCool-150 lubricant as the coolant, and order a coolant circulation system at related product below, which will make the diamond blade cut more efficiently and keep the machine from corroding.  Also, you can use W10-30 motor oil as the coolant, which is available at any Auto store.
  • Always clean machine after each use

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