NST-5-inch close-range rotary evaporation coating furnace

NST-5-inch close-range rotary evaporation coating furnace is specifically designed for thermal evaporation or CSS (Close Spaced Sublimation) coating experiments.Its coating area can reach 5″×5″, and the top sample stage can be rotated to improve coating uniformity.




NST-5-inch close-range rotary evaporation coating furnace is a rapid thermal processing furnace with 11″ I.D. quartz chamber. It is designed for Thermal Evaporating or CSS (Close Spaced Sublimation) film coating up to 5″ Dia. circular samples and 800°C Max. The furnace is heated by two group of halogen heaters (Top and Bottom) separately with max. 10℃/s heating rate. Two 30 segment precision temperature controllers are built in with +/-1ºC accuracy. RS485 port and control software are included to allow for the operation of furnace and temperature profile logging via PC. It is an excellent tool to research new generation thin film for solar cells, such as CdTe, Sulfide, and Perovskite solar cell.

NST-5-inch close-range rotary evaporation coating furnace specifications:

Furnace   structure & Vacuum Chamber
  • Two temperature controllers.
  • The chamber is made of high purity fused quartz tube.
  • Quartz tube size: 11″ OD/10.8″ ID×9″ H
  • The vacuum flanges are made of Stainless Steel 316.
Vacuum Flanges
  • Top Flange with one KFD-25 vacuum port and one gas outlet(1/4″ pipe required) can slide up or down manually to load and unload substrate and evaporated material easily.
  • Bottom flange has one KFD-25 vacuum port with one gas        inlet (1/4″ pipe required) with needle valves.
  • The flange is sealed by double silicone o-rings and can achieve max. the vacuum pressure of 10E-2 Torr by a quality mechanical pump and 10E-5 Torr by a molecular pump (vacuum pump is not included, please order separately).
  • One digital vacuum gauge is installed on the top flange.
  • Precision anti-corrosion digital vacuum gauge is in standard        package.
Gas Flow Control Gas mixer integrated with two float-meters with adjustable measurement ranges of 16 -160 mL/m
Heater and Sample Holder
  • Two independently controlled heaters with a manually adjustable gap from 2-30 mm.
  • 20 pcs Halogen lamps are used as the heating element for rapid thermal processing.
  • Heaters are is made of stainless steel with water cold jacket to reduce heat radiation and allow for fast cooling.
  • 5″ Dia. the circular wafer holder is built into the top heater        for holding the substrate.
  • One set of high thermal-conductive AlN plates or graphite plate (5″ Dia.×0.5mm Thick) is included (place on the bottom for evaporating material )
  • A 58L/min circulating water chiller is included for saving water        source
Temperature Controller
  • Two precision digital temperature controllers with 30 segments programmable offer independent control of the top and bottom heaters.
  • Each controller has PID autotune function to protect heaters from overshooting and an alarm function to avoid overheating and a thermal couple are broken.
  • PC communication interface & software is installed for recording temperature profile.
Working Temperature
  • Maximum temperature for each heater: <= 800℃.
  • Maximum temperature difference between two heaters: <= 300℃ depends on the spacing between two heaters:
    • Spacing 30mm Max. temp difference: 315℃ heating bottom only
Heating & Cooling Rate
  • Heating: < 8℃/s ( heating single heater only )
  • Cooling: < 10℃/s (600 – 100℃) Max.
Thermal Couple Two K-type thermal couples are installed on top and bottom   heaters separately.
Working Voltage 220VAC, Single Phase, 60A Air Breaker required
Power Requirement 9.5KW total
Dimensions 1085mm L×680mm W×1710mm H
Warranty One year limited with lifetime support (Consumable parts such as quartz tube and heating lamps are not covered by the warranty).

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