NST 900°C Hydrogen Atmosphere Furnace



NST 900°C Hydrogen Atmosphere Furnace With UAV Program Temperature Control Instrument

This stainless steel inner hydrogen atmosphere furnace is equipped with a stainless steel inner tank in the furnace. The furnace door is sealed with a silicone O-ring. In order to reduce the O-ring sealing temperature, a water cooling system is installed at the door of the furnace. Thermocouples, intake valves, air outlet valves, pressure gauges, etc. are installed on the inner casing. The furnace is equipped with a hydrogen detector, a burner, a combustion controller, an alarm lamp, an igniter, an explosion-proof valve, and the like. After the gas passes through the flowmeter, it enters and exits from the rear, and the exhaust gas is cooled by the water cooling system and discharged from the furnace door. It can pass gas such as hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide or ammonia. The furnace has the advantages of equal temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, energy saving, clean furnace and no pollution. It is an ideal product for universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do atmosphere protection and sintering, atmosphere reduction and degreasing.


Detailed technical parameters

Model 11Q -I 11Q -II 11Q-III
Power 4KW 9KW 16KW
Furnace construction 1. It adopts double-layer shell structure and is equipped with fan air cooling.

2. The liner is made of imported 310S stainless steel.

3. The water cooling system is installed at the door of the furnace to reduce the sealing temperature of the O-ring.

4. Install a combustion system (including: igniter, combustion controller, burner).

5. Install an explosion-proof valve (the valve opening pressure can be set freely).

6, installed with a hydrogen detector, can detect hydrogen leakage.

Chamber size(mm) 300X200X200 380X280X280 480X380X380
Dimension(mm) 480X590X 712 580X690X930 680X 790X950
Supply voltage 220V 380V
Phase single phase three phase
Heating element Sweden’s Canthal A1 imported resistance wire, surface temperature up to 1420 ° C
Control mode UAV program temperature control instrument

1, 30-stage program temperature control intelligent PID adjustment.

2. With over-temperature protection, the electric furnace heating circuit is automatically cut off when the temperature is over-temperature or broken, (when the electric furnace temperature exceeds 1200 degrees or the thermocouple is blown, the AC relay on the main circuit will be automatically disconnected, the main circuit is broken. On, the ON light on the panel is off, the OFF light is on, and the limited protection electric furnace).

3, with 485 communication interface (standard when purchasing software)

4, with power-off protection function, that is, when the power is turned on after the power is turned off, the program does not start from the starting temperature, but the furnace temperature rises from the time of power failure.

5, the meter has the function of temperature self-tuning

chamber 1. High-quality high-purity alumina polycrystalline fiber curing furnace formed by vacuum suction filtration.

2. Formed by Japanese technology.

3. The spacing and pitch of the resistance wires in the furnace are all arranged according to the best thermal technology in Japan, and the temperature field is simulated by the thermal software.

4, using 4 sides heating (left and right, four sides), the temperature field is more balanced

Control accuracy +/- 10 ℃
Trigger Phase-shifted trigger
Electric appliance Zhejiang chint
Silicon controlled ·                                    106/16E SEMIKRON
Maximum temperature 900 ℃
The rated temperature (can work for a long time) 800 ℃
Heating rate ≤20 ℃/ Min (it can be modified as required)
Recommended rate of temperature rise ≤10 ℃/ Min
·         Thermocouple Type K Type
Vacuum degree In the cold state, it can reach -0.1MPa. Because stainless steel will deform at high temperature, it can only be sintered under high temperature at high temperature, and the air pressure should not exceed 0.02MPa.
Travel switch Opening the door will automatically power off
·         Chamber material 4mm 310S stainless steel

Standard packing

Item    Qua
·                                                                          Atmosphere furnace  1
K type thermocouple  1
Alumina thermal cushion block  1
Furnace door block  1
Stainless steel clamp  1
Thermal gloves  1
Alumina crucible  1
485 computer interface port (optional)  1
Immersible pump  1

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