NST High Temperature 1700°C Stirring Elevator Lifting Furnace

  • Model Number:TMAX-VSF1700Stirring
  • Dimension(L*W*H):Size can be customized
  • Compliance:CE Certified
  • Warranty:Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Payment:L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
  • Delivery Time:14 day



High Temperature 1700°C Stirring Elevator Lifting Furnace


Model VSF1700-I VSF1700-II VSF1700-III
Power 5.2KW 9KW 12KW
Chamber size(DXWXH) 200X200X200mm 250X250X250mm 300X300X300mm
Dimension(DXWXH) 660X675X1380 660X675X1430 710X725X1480
Net weight 265 280 310
Supply voltage 220V 220V 380
Phase Single phase
Heating element                                   1800 type MoSi2 heating element
Control mode Using Yudian program temperature control instrument

1. 30-segment program temperature control intelligent PID adjustment.

2, with over-temperature protection, disconnection protection. Over-temperature or disconnection of the electric furnace heating circuit automatically cut off, (When the electric furnace temperature exceeds 1720 degrees or the thermocouple burns out, the AC relay on the main circuit will automatically open, The circuit is disconnected, the ON light on the panel is off, the OFF light is on, and the electric furnace is limitedly protected).

3. With 485 communication interface (standard with optional software)

4. It has a power failure protection function, that is, when the furnace is powered on after the power is turned off, the program does not start from the initial temperature, but starts from the temperature when the power is turned off.

5.The meter has the function of temperature self-tuning.

Use Yudian program temperature control instrument (standard)


(replacement of imported instruments requires additional payment and purchase)


FP93 temperature control table      EUROTHERM      Touch screen instrument

(shimbun, Japan)

Heating rate ≤20 ℃/ Min
Recommended heating rate 10℃/ Min
 Vacuum in cold state 10Pa
·         Chamber material 1600 type alumina polycrystalline fiber (above 95% alumina content) imported from Japan
Control precision +/- 1 ℃


1700 ℃


1600 ℃
Rated temperature under vacuum 1500 ℃
Ambient surface temperature ≤45 ℃
·         Thermocouple Type B
Trigger Phase-shift triggering (with soft start and current limit)

Current limiting function: Regardless of how to adjust the heating time, the secondary current of our electric furnace after passing through the transformer is limited to 160A, which protects the equipment to a limited extent. No matter how you operate, the equipment will not burn out.

Soft-start function: The current will gradually increase when starting up, and the impact on the heating element is small, which is beneficial to the extension of the heating element life.

Electric appliance Zhejiang chint
silicon controlled            106/16E SEMIKRON
ESD A trip switch is installed on the door of the furnace. When the door is lowered, the power will be cut off automatically to prevent the danger of electric shock caused by heating elements.
Certificate CE
Travel switch When the lifting rod reaches the highest or lowest point, the trip switch will automatically cut off the lifting rod, so that it will not go up or down too much
Jacking system Automatic lifting stainless steel electric push rod, press the lifting or lowering button, the material will be free to lift with the lifting tray
Electric push rod power  150W
Electric push rod lifting rate  420mm/ Min

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