NST High Temperature 1800°C Elevating Lifting Furnace With Mini Chamber

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NST High Temperature 1800°C Elevating Lifting Furnace With Mini Chamber 


                       SJF1800-Mini-I                                                      SJF1800-Mini-II
Power 3KW                                                  5.5KW
Chamber size(DXWXH) Dia120X150mm                          Dia150X200mm
Supply voltage 220V
Phase single phase
Heating element           1900 model lKanthal MoSi2 heating element
Control mode 3504 temperature meter (Eurotherm, UK),

1: High-precision temperature meter, LCD liquid crystal display, 5-digit numerical display, simple configuration through quick setting, and C / F unit switching.

2: 50 groups of programs with 500 steps, power off or shutdown, restart the program can be set to start the program from the power off or starting point, and also has the functions of running, pause, skip, stop, reset and so on.

3: Standard 3 groups of PID parameters (optional 8 groups of PID parameters), with built-in PID self-tuning function.

4: Math / logic operation, timer function, alarm function, do math and logic operation function, such as automatic / manual switching of sensor and infrared sensor, high temperature furnace logic control function, and related alarm strategies and functions

5: Recipe function, different products can call different parameters

6: Customer-defined screen function, displaying current value, set value, output%, program running status and time, etc.

7: Support various communication interfaces Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus, Devicenet, can be integrated with any PLC or higher-level system

8: OEM password function

9: Multilingual support (English, French, German, Spain, Italy)

10: PC version of iTools graphical configuration software, easy to configure, monitor and debug


Heating rate ≤30 ℃/ Min
Recommended heating rate 15℃/ Min
Chamber material  1900 type alumina polycrystalline fiber

(Using Japanese Mitsubishi raw materials)

Fiber density is 700KG / m3

Control accuracy +/- 1 ℃
Max temp 1800 ℃
rated temp 1750 ℃
Ambient surface temperature ≤45 ℃
·         Thermocouple

·         Type

PtRh40-PtRh20, imported from the United States, 0.5mm standard wire. The highest temperature can be measured at 1870 ℃, and it will not drift at 1800 degrees. Superior to B-type thermocouples (The temperature range of B-type thermocouples is 0-1800, which will deviate greatly when it reaches 1800 degrees)
Trigger Phase-shift triggering (with soft start and current limit)

Current limiting function: Regardless of how to adjust the heating time, the secondary current of our electric furnace after passing through the transformer is limited to 160A, which protects the equipment to a limited extent. No matter how you operate, the equipment will not burn out.

Soft-start function: The current will gradually increase when starting up, and the impact on the heating element is small, which is conducive to the extension of the life of the heating element.

Electric appliance Zhejiang chint
Silicon controlled                                106/16E SEMIKRON
Travel switch When the lift lever reaches the highest or lowest point, the travel switch will automatically power off the lift lever, so that it will not over-rise or over-fall
Jacking system  Stepper motor is used to control the rise and fall of the material table
Lifting rate  The rate of rise and fall can be adjusted automatically
·               Materiel platform  Aluminum alloy material
Certificate CE

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