NST High vacuum magnetron sputtering coater

High vacuum magnetron sputtering coater is mainly composed of sputtering vacuum chamber, magnetron sputtering target, substrate water-cooled heating revolution table, working gas path, pumping system, installation machine, vacuum measurement and electronic control system.




High vacuum magnetron sputtering coater is used for the preparation of novel thin film materials such as nanometer single-layer and multi-layer functional film, hard film, metal film, semiconductor film and dielectric film. It can be widely used in the research of thin film materials and the production of small batch. It can be widely used in universities and colleges, scientific research institutes of thin film materials preparation research and small batch.

High vacuum magnetron sputtering coater specifications:

 Vacuum chamber Piriform vacuum chamber, size: Ø450×350mm
Vacuum system configuration Compound molecular pump, mechanical   pump, gate valve
ultimate pressure ≤2.0*10-5Pa(After baking degassing)
Vacuum recovery time Up to 6.6*10-4Pa in 40 minutes. (the system briefly exposes the atmosphere and fills with dry nitrogen to start pumping)
Magnetron target component 5 sets of permanent magnetic targets; target   sizeØ60mm(one of   the targets can sputtering ferromagnetic material). The RF beach   and DC cutoff of each target are compatible.; and the distance between target   and sample is adjustable from 90mm to 130mm.
Water-cooling Substrate Heating Revolution Table Substrate  structure Six stations, heating furnace installed at one of these stations, and the others are water cooling substrate station.
Sample size Ø30mm, 6 pieces can be placed
Mode of motion 0~360℃, reciprocating rotary
Heating Max. Temperature 600℃±1℃
Substrate  Negative Bias -200V
Gas Circuit System 2-circuit mass flow controller
Computer Control System Control sample rotation, baffle switch, target identification, etc
Space Occupied Main Set 1300×800mm2
Electrical   Cabinet 700×700mm2

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