NST-Ultra-High vacuum thermal evaporation coater with four heating sources

NST-Ultra-High vacuum thermal evaporation coater is designed for coating oxygen sensitive metallic materials, such as Ti, Al, and Ir etc. It also can be used for coating all kinds of materials.  It has four evaporation heater sources and coat two type of materials at the same time at high vacuum up to 10-6 torr.




Ultra-High vacuum thermal evaporation coater is equipped with 4 evaporation heating boats, each of which can be independently evaporation coating.There is a rotatable baffle above the heating boat. When one of the heating boats is working,the baffle will cover the other three tungsten boats to prevent contamination of the vapor deposition materials.If the partial configuration is changed, the evaporation coating of the organic material can be realized, which can meet the research requirements of the light-emitting device and the organic solar battery, and it is an experimental device with an ideal coating effect and high cost performance.

NST-Ultra-High vacuum thermal evaporation coater specifications:

Input & Output Power
  • Input: 208 – 240VAC, 20 A, 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • Total Power required:  8KW (including pump)
  • other 3 phase voltage is available upon request
  • Output:  5VAC max. and 300A Max.
Vacuum Chamber
  • Stainless steel chamber: 280mm ID.×375 mm Height, (~23Liter) Sand-blasting electrolytic polishing surface
  • 100 mm observation window  in front of chamber
  • Hinged type door for easy sample loading
  • Manually operated shutters are on top of each evaporation W boat, which allow evaporating 4 kinds of material one by one
  • 4 KF40 ports built in chamber for connecting to necessary device
Vacuum Pump
  • High-speed turbo vacuum pump is included and connected to the vacuum chamber.
    • Vacuum speed:  600L/S
    • Vacuum level: 5.0×10-6 Torr ( after 40 minutes         pumping )
    • Limit vacuum: 5.0×10-7 Torr (after baking at 100 -150°C)
    • Leaking rate: 5.0×10-7 Pa.
    • Vacuum port: 150 mm diameter
Evaporation Source
&Sample Holder
  • Four tungsten heating boats are included supported by water cold electrodes
  • Tungsten heating boat has dimension 70mm L x 12 mm W x 3 mm H. Spare W boat is available at extra cost。
  • Each top of boat has a manual operation shutter
  • Built in manual shutter allows evaporation source can be used without contamination
  • 100 mm diameter rotating sample holder is on top of the chamber with diameter 260mm, which can be heated up to 600°C max. via digital temperature controller with +/1 °C accuracy
  • The distance between evaporation source and sample holder is 150-300 mm adjustable
Control Unit
  • Vacuum, thickness and power control are integrated into one control box
  • Control Unit is separated from vacuum chamber for easy moving
  • You may place the control unit on the top of vacuum station
Overall   Dimensions L600mm×W860mm× H1500mm
Net   Weight 600 kg
Facility   Requirement  for Installation
  • Space: 250 SF with height > 6 feet
  • Power: 208 – 240V AC, single phase with Max 10KW ( 50A breaker)
  • Water: > 15L/minute flowing water required for electrode cooling.

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