Small evaporation coating machine NST-EVP180G-LV

This is a small evaporation coating machine. The evaporation temperature is from 200 ℃ to 1700 ℃, using tungsten wire basket as evaporation source. The evaporation source coat is high purity alumina crucible. The distance between sample stage and evaporation source is adjustable.




NST Small evaporation coating machine has a high precision temperature control system, using the cycle heating method, can stably evaporate metal and some organic matter. Using high purity quartz cavity as vacuum chamber, coating process can be seen completely. The instrument is equipped with bipolar rotary vane vacuum pump, which can quickly reach the vacuum degree of 1.0E-1pa and meet the vacuum environment required by most evaporation and coating experiments. This instrument is suitable for evaporation and coating most of the metal and some organic materials film. It has compact structure and small size, which is a cost-effective laboratory coating equipment.

Small evaporation coating machine applications:

Evaporation and coating most of the metal and part of the organic material film.

Small evaporation coating machine techinical parameters:

Small evaporation coating machine
Sample Stage Size φ80mm Distance to the evaporation source 20mm~50mm adjustable
DC sputtering head evaporation source Tungsten wire basket Highest Temperature 1700℃
Thermal couple S type Thermal couple
Vacuum Chamber Chamber Size φ180mm×100mm Watch Window Omnidirectional transparency
Chamber Material High purity quartz opening mode Top cover removable
Vacuum System Mechanical Pump Rotary vane pump Pumping connector KF16
vacuum measurement resistance gauge Air exhaust connector KF16
Ultimate vacuum 1.0E-1Pa Power Supply AC;220V 50/60Hz
Pumping rate Rotary vane pump:1.1L/S


Supply Voltage AC220V,50Hz Overall size 360mm×300mm×470mm
Total Power 800w Total Weight 15kg

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