NST Small Battery Film Coater Machine Of 200 ° C For Lithium Battery

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    About 18kg

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    CE Certified

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    One Year limited warranty with lifetime support

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NST Small Battery Film Coater Machine of 200 ° C for Lithium Battery

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The biggest advantage of the laboratory small coater is that it can repeatedly and continuously produce a smooth and flawless test sample. It is convenient for the experimenter to accurately coat on different substrates. The error caused by human factors such as coating speed and pressure is reduced and eliminated. The coating head is made of stainless steel U-shaped scraper, which simulates the large coating head to ensure that the experimental product matches the quality of the production coating. The coating head can be quickly opened to clean the blade after each experiment.


The laboratory small coaters all use high-quality accessories, and the price is excellent. It has won many R&D institutions of multinational corporations and is favored by many famous universities at home and abroad. By controlling the speed and the stable pressure to ensure the coating effect, to ensure the uniformity of the coating and the smoothness of the laboratory, the biggest features of the small coater can be in the plane of paper, plastic, metal, PVC, PET, cloth, aluminum alloy plate, etc. The materials were subjected to coating experiments.


Device parameters:

Coating speed 0-10 meters per minute stepless speed regulation.
Accuracy accuracy ±0.003MM (scraper) ±0.002MM (wire bar)
Equipment table 370*260MM
Coating area 220*200MM
Coating thickness 0.005-5MM (the thinnest 5 micron wet film)
Machine volume 430*330*340 (length * width * height)
Machine weight: 17~18KG
Scraper material alloy stainless steel
Power source voltage 110~220V 50/60HZ
Heating temperature normal temperature ~ 200 degrees
Power 48W (standby) 2000W (heating)

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