NST Two in one film coater: plasma sputter and carbon evaporating

NST Two in one film coater is a compact coating unit with double step rotary vane vacuum pump, which integrates plasma sputtering and evaporating into one small machine.It is specially designed for preparing SEM and EDAX sample for microstructure and micro-area composition analysis in material analysis at low cost. to coat various materials, including carbon.




NST Two in one film coater can meet the requirements of the surface of the scanning electron microscope sample for spraying gold, steaming gold or carbon evaporating, and the production of experimental electrodes for non-conductor materials, and can also be used for the experiments of various new materials in material research.The machine is small in size, saves laboratory space, easy to operate, easy to clean, suitable for beginners, especially suitable for use in laboratories, research institutes, and laboratories of various universities.

NST Two in one film coater specifications:

Input Voltage 208 – 240 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
110V version is available with a 1500W transformer.
Power < 2000W (including pump)
Output Power
  • Plasma Sputtering:
    • 1600VDC  and 50mA max.
  • Evaporation: 10VAC and Max. Current 20A (for tungsten wire baskets).
Working chamber Fused glass tube, 160 mm Dia.×110mm Height
Coating Head
  • Two coating heads are included:
    • DC sputtering head (2″ target)
    • Thermal evaporation via tungsten wire baskets
Sample stage
  • One 50 mm Dia. sample stage,
  • Max. coating area: 45 mm Dia
  • Evaporating fixture is included for coating lightweight metallic material, such as Al, Li, Mg
Accessories included
  • Double Step Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (external) with Pirani gauge and  Vapor trap eliminates the oil mist are included , which can reach vacuum up to 10-2 torr
  • One solenoid valve is included for automatic air bleed.
Gas atmosphere One needle valve installed to allow Ar gas inlet to achieve   better plasma coating
Target & Evaporating   source
  • One Au target: 50 mm Dia.×0.12 mm, 1pcs is included.
  • One 3 ft carbon fiber (yarn) is included for carbon evaporation ( can not use carbon rod for carbon coating)
Overall dimension L360mm×W300mm×H380mm
Net Weight 50 kg
Warranty One year limited with lifetime support

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