NSTVacuum Carbon Tube Sintering Furnace

  • Model Number:TMAX-VCF-20-20
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Vacuum Carbon Tube Sintering Furnace

·     1. Equipment characteristics

The electric furnace is a cycle operation type, and is widely used in functional ceramics, optical materials, carbon composite materials, hard alloys, powder metallurgy, etc. under high temperature vacuum conditions, and can be formed and sintered under the condition of inflation protection.

2. Structural composition

1) Furnace body 2) Furnace cover 3) Furnace bottom 4) Furnace rack 5) Vacuum system 6) Temperature control system 7) Pneumatic system 8) Transformer and connecting cable 9) Water cooling system 10) Heating elements and heat shield

3. Structure description

1) Furnace body: It adopts double-layer water sandwich structure, the inner layer is made of stainless steel (1Cr18N9Ti) and the outer layer is made of high-quality carbon steel. The upper and lower flanges are welded into a cylindrical structure, and the flange plane is opened with a sealing groove. Vacuum seal with “O” ring and water cooling device (to prevent aging due to excessive temperature “O” circle). An air suction port, a thermocouple hole, an infrared hole, an electrode lead-out hole, and the like are provided.


2)   Furnace cover: It adopts double-layer sandwich head structure, with air outlet, shielding, locking and opening device, and is cooled by water.


3)   Bottom: It also adopts double-layer water-interlayer head structure, with air inlet, support platform, etc., and water cooling device.


4)   Furnace frame: welded by box steel and steel plate into box structure, the furnace body is placed on the box body, which is beautiful and generous.


5)   Vacuum system: It consists of a TK-150 diffusion pump with a cold trap, a 2X-15 mechanical pump, a manual high vacuum butterfly valve, a vacuum pressure gauge (±Pa), an inflation valve, a bleed valve and a vacuum line. The mechanical pump is connected by a metal corrugated hose quick joint (slow vibration), and the vacuum is measured by a digital composite vacuum gauge.


6)   Temperature control system: It can control the temperature of silicon control. All the instruments are the world’s top brands. The British Euro 3504 display temperature control, 500-stage program temperature control, with PID adjustment, over-temperature sound and light alarm function, electrical components are well-known Schneider or ABB. The brand and electronic control panel are made according to Siemens standards, with high temperature control precision and convenient operation.


7)   Pneumatic system: There is one air inlet and one air outlet in the whole system to fill the atmosphere.


8)   Electrical control: The temperature control execution loop is composed of thyristor temperature control, high current transformer, voltage regulator and temperature control instrument. The circuit is equipped with water cut, over current, over temperature alarm and protection.


9)   Water-cooling system: It consists of various pipeline valves and other related devices, and has the function of automatically cutting off the power supply by means of water-off sound and light alarm.


10) Transformer and connecting cable: use matching transformer and connecting cable.


11) Heating element and heat shield: The heating element is processed into a cylindrical structure by electrode graphite. The heat shield is made of stainless steel, carbon felt, graphite tube, etc. The thickness of the heat shield is about 80mm, and the heat preservation performance is good and the heating is even. The radiation surface is large, the thermal shock resistance is good, and the heating and cooling can be quickly performed. The insulation layer and the heat-dissipating body are easy to maintain and take out, and the heat-insulating sleeve is supported and fixed by a stainless steel frame.


 Detailed technical parameters:

Vacuum carbon tube furnace




Model TMAX-VCF-20-22
The maximum power of the furnace 25KW
Voltage  380V
Phase Three phase
Maximum heating temperature  2000℃

Temperature Stabilizing

Intelligent PID 500 program temperature control (Eurotherm, UK)
Heating carbon tube dimensions (mm)  Dia130(inside diameter) X220
Effective heating dimension (mm)    Dia80X100
Chamber vacuum (diffusion pump unit) < 5X10 -3Pa
Chamber inflation pressure < 0.15Pa

Rate of pressure rise

< 4 pa/hour
Broken pair protection and display Yes
Over-temperature protection Yes
Overcurrent protection Yes
Undervoltage protection (hydraulic) Yes
Control accuracy +/-  1℃
Temperature detection mode  Tungsten – rhenium thermocouple + infrared thermometer

Heating Rate

 The < 20 degrees/Min
Whether the water inside the vacuum chamber is cold   Yes
Observation window size   Dia 90mm
Chiller (optional) CW-6200AH

Vacuum unit

Unit input voltage 380V /220V
Corrugated pipe KF40X1000
Vacuum baffle valve KF40
 Front engine vacuum pump 2XZ-15


Power 1.5KW
Voltage 380V
Rotate speed 1450rpm

Inlet Diameter

Front pump pumping rate(L/S) 15
Ultimate pressure 4X10 -2Pa
Diffusion pump TK150 Voltage 220V
Power 1200W
Inlet interface DN150
Gas interface DN40

Fore Pressure

Pumping rate(N2) 1000L/S

Composite vacuum gage

Model of compound vacuum gauge ZDF
Power supply  220V   55W
Control accuracy ± 1%

Pressure range of vacuum gauge

10-5 -10 5 Pa


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