Precision Manual Diamond Wafer Scriber for Single Crystal Wafer Optional 4“ – 12”and Glass – NST-DS100-LD


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Available on backorder



  • Diamond Scriber for cutting the thin single crystal substrate such as Silicon, Sapphire, Ge, LiNbO3, and LiTaO3 Wafer
  • The cutting pressure is adjustable by the spring
  • Cutting size:
    • 100 x100 mm ( 4×4″)
    • 200 x200 mm ( 8×8”)
    • 300 x300 mm ( 12×12”)
  • Made in Japan
Cutting Procedure
  • Adjust the height of the diamond scriber
  • Tuning the pressure of the spring
  • Placing the substrate
  • Scribing
  • Splitting the substrate
Replace Diamond Scriber
  • Rotate the diamond scriber height adjustment dial and the spring pressure adjustment dial to the original point of 0
  • Move the slide unit to the diamond scriber replacement position and remove the guide rod
  • Turn the handle over 90 degrees to the left
  • Loosen the screw by using the hex wrench and remove the diamond scriber
  • Install the new diamond scriber and tighten the screw
  • Return the handle to the scribing position and set the guide rod
Product Dimensions
  •  SYJ-DS100-LD: 210 mm (L) x 210 mm (W) x 140 mm (H)
  •     SYJ-DS200-LD: 310 mm (L) x 310 mm (W) x 140 mm (H)
  •     SYJ-DS300-LD: 410 mm (L) x 410 mm (W) x 140 mm (H)
  • No UL required because no electric
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Operational Manual

Application Notes
  • The minimum size of the substrate is at least twice of the thickness. Generally, it is 5 mm x 5 mm.
  • Replace the diamond scriber when dull
  • To avoid the spring to be degraded, turn the spring pressure dial to the initial position of 0 after use
  • For the long-term use, wipe the slitting unit guide rod periodically and put grease

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