NST 1700°C Hydrogen Atmosphere Furnace

  • Model Number:TMAX-17QHydrogen
  • Dimension(L*W*H):Size can be customized
  • Compliance:CE Certified
  • Warranty:Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
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NST 1700°C Hydrogen Atmosphere Furnace With UAV Program Temperature Control Instrument

This stainless steel inner hydrogen atmosphere furnace is equipped with a stainless steel inner tank in the furnace. The furnace door is sealed with a silicone O-ring. In order to reduce the O-ring sealing temperature, a water cooling system is installed at the door of the furnace. Thermocouples, intake valves, air outlet valves, pressure gauges, etc. are installed on the inner casing. The furnace is equipped with a hydrogen detector, a burner, a combustion controller, an alarm lamp, an igniter, an explosion-proof valve, and the like. After the gas passes through the flowmeter, it enters and exits from the rear, and the exhaust gas is cooled by the water cooling system and discharged from the furnace door. It can pass gas such as hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide or ammonia. The furnace has the advantages of equal temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, energy saving, clean furnace and no pollution. It is an ideal product for universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do atmosphere protection and sintering, atmosphere reduction and degreasing.


Detailed technical parameters

Model Tmax17Q-I TMAX17Q-II   TMAX17Q-III
Power 4 KW 8KW 16KW
Chamber size (mm) 160X150X150 300X200X200 400X300X300
Overall dimensions


550X470X810 600X 610X860 700X 710X1355
Voltage 220V 380V
phase one-phase one-phase
Heating element Type 1800 molybdenum wire
Control mode  UAV program temperature control instrument (standard)

1, 30-stage program temperature control intelligent PID adjustment.

2, with over-temperature protection When the electric protection furnace is over-temperature or broken, the electric furnace heating circuit is automatically cut off, (when the electric furnace temperature exceeds 1720 degrees or the thermocouple is blown,

The AC relay on the main circuit will be automatically disconnected, the main circuit will be disconnected, the ON light on the panel will be off, the OFF light will be on, and the electric furnace will be limited.

3, with 485 communication interface (standard when purchasing software)

4, with power-off protection function, that is, when the power is turned off after the power is turned off, the program does not start from the starting temperature, but rises from the power-off time.

5. The instrument has the function of self-setting temperature

Chamber materials Type 1800 alumina polycrystalline fiber (over 95% alumina content) imported from Japan


control precision +/- 1 ℃
flip-flop Phase shift trigger (with soft start and current limit function)

Current limiting function: No matter how to adjust the heating time, the secondary current of our electric furnace after passing through the transformer is limited to 160A, which has limited protection of the equipment, no matter how you operate, it will not burn out the equipment.

Soft start function: the current will increase slowly when starting up, and the impact on the heating element is small, which is beneficial to the extension of the life of the heating element.

electric appliance Zhejiang chint
silicon controlled          106 / 16E SEMIKRON
maximum temperature 1600 ℃
rated temperature 1550 ℃
heating rate ≤20 ℃/ Min (can be modified as required)
Recommended heating rate ≤10 ℃/ Min
Thermocouple Type


Type B
Vacuum pump (optional)  


air switch The furnace body is equipped with an air switch
Explosion-proof valve (optional)  Electronic explosion-proof pressure can be set as required
Peripheral surface temperature ≤45℃

Standard packing

Item    Qua
·                                                                          Atmosphere furnace  1
K type thermocouple  1
Alumina thermal cushion block  1
Furnace door block  1
Stainless steel clamp  1
Thermal gloves  1
Alumina crucible  1
485 computer interface port (optional)  1
Immersible pump  1

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