NST Combinatorial plasma sputtering coater with 3 magnetron sputtering sources

Combinatorial plasma sputtering coater has three 2” magnetron sputtering sources and three RF/DC power supplies. Such a sputtering system is capable of co-sputtering up to three different target materials and create various composition profiles across the substrate (e.g. ternary materials for Li-ion rechargeable battery).




NST Combinatorial plasma sputtering coater is also suitable for sequential coating of multiple layer films such as ferroelectric, alloy, semiconductor, ceramic, dielectric, optical, oxide, hard, PTFE, etc.Compared with similar equipment, it is not only widely used, but also has the advantages of small size and easy operation. It is an ideal equipment for laboratory preparation of material films, especially suitable for laboratory research on solid electrolytes and OLEDs.

Combinatorial plasma sputtering coater specifications:

Input Power
  • Single phase 220 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
  • 2000 W (including vacuum pump and water chiller)
Source Power
  • Three sputtering power sources are integrated into one control box.
    • DC source: 500 W power for coating metallic materials.
    • RF source: 300 W power, 13.56 MHz frequency for coating non-conductive materials.
Magnetron   Sputtering Head
  • Three 2″ Magnetron Sputtering Heads with water cooling jackets and shutters are included.
  • One Sputting Head Model also available.
    • Target size requirement: 2″ diameter
    • Thickness range: 0.1 – 5 mm for both metallic and non-conductive targets (including backing plate)
    • One Stainless Steel Target and one Research Grade Al2O3 target are included for demo testing
  • Customized coater: Two DC – One RF; Two RF – One DC; Three DC; Three RF
Vacuum   Chamber
  • Vacuum chamber: 300 mm Dia.×300 mm Height, made of stainless steel
  • Viewport: Two pieces of 100 mm Dia. glass. One fixed; one detachable for cleaning and replacement
  • Hinged type lid with pneumatic power pole allows easy target change
Sample Stage
  • Sample holder is a rotatable and heatable stage made of ceramic heater with copper cover
  • Sample holder size: 140 mm Dia. for. 4″ wafer max
  • Rotation speed: 1 – 20 rpm adjustable for uniform coating
  • The holder temperature is adjustable from RT to 500 °C max (2h max) with accuracy +/- 1.0 °C via a digital        temperature controller
Gas Flow Control
  • Two precision mass flow controllers (MFC) are installed to allow inlet of two types of gases
    • Flow rate: 0 – 200 mL/min & 0 – 100ml/min adjustable on the touch screen control panel
  • Air inlet valve is installed for vacuum release
Vacuum Pump Station
  • A mobile pump station is included. The sputtering coater can be placed on top of station
  • High-speed turbo pump at speed 80L/S is combined        with a two-stage mechanical pump (220 L/min) for max vacuum level and faster pumping speed
  • Standard vacuum level connected with chamber : < 4.0E-5 Torr. .  (1.0E-6 Torr with chamber baking )
Water Chiller One digital temperature controlled recirculating   water chiller is included.

    • Refrigeration range: 5~35 °C
    • Flow rate: 16 L/min
    • Pump pressure: 14 psi
Overall Dimensions Lid closed: 48″ × 28″ × 32″

Lid open: 48″ × 28″ × 37″

Net   Weight of Coater 160 kg
Warranty One years limited warranty with lifetime support

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