NST-dual-head high vacuum magnetron plasma sputtering coater

NST-dual-head high vacuum magnetron plasma sputtering coater is a compact magnetron sputtering system with dual 2 target sources, e.g., one DC source for coating metallic film, and the other RF source for coating non-metallic material.




NST-dual-head high vacuum magnetron plasma sputtering coater is designed for coating both single or multiple film layers for a wide range of materials, such as alloy, ferroelectric, semiconductor, ceramic, dielectric, optical, PTFE, etc.Compared with similar equipment, it has the advantages of small size and easy operation, and a wide range of materials that can be used. It is an ideal equipment for preparing various types of material films in the laboratory.

NST-dual-head high vacuum magnetron plasma sputtering coater specifications:

Input Power Single phase 220 VAC 50 / 60 Hz, 2000 W (including vacuum pump and water chiller)
Source Power
  • Two sputtering power sources are integrated into one control box
    • DC source: 500 W power for coating metallic materials
    • RF source: 300 W power, 13.56 MHz frequency for coating non-conductive materials
Magnetron Sputtering Head
  • Two 2″ Magnetron Sputtering Heads with water cooling jackets and shutters are included
  • One Sputting Head Model also available in this product page (in product options)
    • One is connected to DC source for coating metallic materials
    • The other one is connected to RF source for non-conductive materials
    • Target size requirement: 2″ diameter
    • Thickness range: 0.1 – 5 mm for both metallic and non-conductive targets (including backing plate)
    • One Stainless Steel Target target and one Research Grade Al2O3 target are included for demo testing
  • Customized coater: Two DC heads without RF; two RF heads without DC; 3 RF heads are available upon request
Vacuum Chamber
  • Vacuum chamber: 300 mm Dia. ×300 mm Height, made of stainless steel
  • Viewport: Two pieces of 100 mm Dia. glass. One fixed; one detachable for cleaning and replacement
  • Hinged type lid with pneumatic power pole allows easy target change
Sample Stage
  • Sample holder is a rotatable and heatable stage made of ceramic heater with copper cover
  • Sample holder size: 140 mm Dia. for. 4″ wafer max
  • Rotation speed: 1-20 rpm adjustable for uniform coating
  • The holder temperature is adjustable from RT to 500 °C max (2 hr max) with accuracy +/- 1.0 °C via a digital temperature controller
Gas Flow Control
  • Two precision mass flow controllers (MFC) are installed to allow inlet of two types of gasses
    • Flow rate: 0–200 mL/min adjustable on the touch screen control panel
  • Air inlet valve is installed for vacuum release
Vacuum Pump Station
  • A mobile pump station is included. The sputtering coater can be placed on top of station
  • High-speed turbo pump at speed 80L/S is combined with a two-stage mechanical pump (220 L/min) for max vacuum level and faster pumping speed
  • Standard vacuum level connected with chamber : < 4.0E-5 Torr. (1.0E-6 Torr with chamber baking )
Water Chiller
  • One digital temperature controlled recirculating water chiller is included.
    • Refrigeration range: 5~35 °C
    • Flow rate: 16 L/min
    • Pump pressure: 14 psi
Overall Dimensions Lid closed: 48″ × 28″ × 32″

Lid open: 48″ × 28″ × 37″

Net Weight 160 kg
Warranty One years limited warranty with lifetime support

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