NST Programmable single chamber magnetron sputtering coater

Programmable single chamber magnetron sputtering coater is widely used in semiconductor, LED, photovoltaic and other industries. It is mainly used for the preparation of various metal, semiconductor and dielectric materials thin film, and can meet the needs of scientific research and small batch production.




Programmable single chamber magnetron sputtering coater is a single-chamber structure, mainly composed of sputtering vacuum chamber, magnetron sputtering target, ion bombardment, revolution substrate, optical heating system, sputtering power supply, working gas path, vacuum acquisition system, installation machine, vacuum measurement, water cooling, alarm system and control system,etc.

The system is controlled by IPC and PLC, with two modes of automatic and manual control. In addition to put the sample, all other processes are realized on the touch screen. It provides man-machine operation interface such as vacuum system, sputtering process setting, filling and venting system, etc. On the IPC, you can set parameters through the formula, to implement the procedure process and equipment parameter Settings.

Programmable single chamber magnetron sputtering coater

Sputtering chamber vacuum limit ≤8.0×10-6Pa
Vacuum recovery time The system was pumped from atmosphere to 1.0×10-3 Pa   within 15minutes
Uniformity Film thickness nonuniformity≤±5%; nonuniformity between the   slices≤±5%; Inhomogeneity between batches≤±5%
Sputtering vacuum chamber The cylindrical structure, size 800mmx250mm
Magnetron sputtering system Permanent magnet target 4, target size 6 inches;

One imported power supply (rf or dc pulse optional);

Sputtering rate: 0.5 ~ 5 angstrom per second (target Al)

Revolution base plate 6 inches 6 pieces (4 inches 12 pieces or 3 inches 16 pieces);

The substrate revolution is 3~15 revolution/min, continuously   adjustable, and the common rotation composite worktable is optional

Light heating system Sample heating temperature: room temperature to 250 ℃,   continuous adjustable;

Substrate temperature nonuniformity:   ≤±10℃;

Temperature control method is PID automatic temperature control   and digital display, equipped with imported temperature control meter.

Working gas path 2 way mass flow controller (MFC)
Air pump composition Cryopump (imported), Roots dry pump set, air gate valve   (imported), pipes
Vacuum measurement System vacuum, working vacuum and backing vacuum was precisely   measured by 2 vacuum gauges (imported); the vacuum degree can be displayed visually   on the touch screen of industrial computer; the vacuum degree of the    sputtering coating process can be   monitored accurately.
Control system The entire system can be controlled by IPC (touch screen) and   PLC (imported)
Space occupied Main set 1500×1000mm2
electric control cabinet 700×700mm2(one)

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