Compact powder NST coating system

Compact powder NST coating system consists of 2″ water cold magnetron sputtering head and vibration stage. The particles will jump on the vibration stage during coating and form a core-shell structure. The coater will be useful for preparing special powder for 3D printing and solid state electrolyte powders.




Compact powder NST coating system is a small powder coating system consisting mainly of a 2-inch magnetron sputtering head and a vibrating sample stage. The powder is vibrated on the vibrating sample stage, and is coated on the surface of the powder by sputtering to form a core-shell structure. NST magnetron sputtering is suitable for metallic materials on powder surfaces. NST magnetron sputtering is suitable for coating non-metallic materials or carbon on the surface of materials.

Compact powder NST coating system specifications:

Product model Compact powder NST coating system
Features 1. Surface coating of powder material: using magnetron sputtering, the powder material is tumbling on the vibrating sample table during sputtering to achieve uniform coating on the surface of the powder.

2. the device is small and can be used in the glove box, can handle sample sensitive materials

Technical   Parameters 1.  Input voltage: 220 VAC 50/60Hz

2.  Power output: 1600 VDC 250 W

3.  Maximum current: 150 mA.

4.  Sputtering head: 2 inch angle adjustable sputtering head

5.  Vibration sample stage:

Sample table vibration frequency can be adjusted: 6-33Hz

Sample stage diameter: 50mm

Recommended sample amount: < 500 mg

Recommended particle size: 1 ~ 1000um

Quartz chamber size: 165 mm OD.×150 mm ID×250 mm H

6.  Vacuum degree:

(1) 1.0E-2 Torr (with mechanical pump), can sputter Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Mo and other   targets

(2) 1.0E-5 Torr (with molecular pump), can sputter Al, Mg, Li, Lr, Ti, Zn and   other easily oxidized metal targets, the maximum vacuum can reach < 4.0E-6 Torr (molecular pump system vacuum pumping time 12 hours , the chamber is   baked)

7. CE certification

Product   specifications Dimensions: L460 × W330 × H810mm  Net weight: 20Kg
Precautions Warning:

1. Sputtering head is connected with high-voltage power supply, and protective gloves must be worn during operation.

2. Before sputtering, the target, sputter head, substrate and sample stage must be cleaned. It needs to be cleaned with sandpaper and ethanol. Al or Ni target must be cleaned and treated every time.

Note: powder samples must be dried and dispersed

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